Percussion overdubs with Rum

Percussion Overdubs with The Dees at NJA

Percussion included: Rum bottle, plates, cookie jar, mug, 3 cowbells, 2 triangles, finger bells, and kleenex

Today Niall and I flew through the 11 tracks, and added the Perc tracks.

Some tracks needed just a sprinkling, and for others the perc is central to the groove IMHO.


“Rock n Roll Lady” in particular had some lavish treatment:

  1. 3 cowbells
  2. 1 Rum bottle
  3. 1 Biscuit Jar
  4. 1 kleenex box
  5. 1 NJA coffee mug
  6. 2 plates

DSC_0085 DSC_0079

Author: Matt Shearer

Matt Shearer is the drummer in The Dees, and also drums in The Krill.