The Megabite Cafe

Tarkan Algin's guitar amp

Now things are starting to sound lively; today and tomorrow we’re putting¬†down the guitar tracks.

After a little time on getting sounds setup, Tarks is ripping into “Maybe I should have” with Telecaster and Marshall cranked right up.¬†I am sitting right in the line of fire, with my ears ringing, and it’s only lunchtime.

Tarkan Algin on the Telecaster
Tarkan Algin on the Telecaster

I am unwell due to cough cold, so was sniffling and downing lemsips. We have some beers cooling.

great signage
The Cafe nearby – Megabite Cafe

After a long night of work, there was much discussion around the signage of a nearby establishment.

Author: Matt Shearer

Matt Shearer is the drummer in The Dees, and also drums in The Krill.